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    14 Times Tony Abbott Made Australia Facepalm

    Tony Abbott is Australia's Prime Minister, or as others may call him "Tony Dumb Dumb". We're so lucky to have him as our PM.

    14. The Time He Called Canada "Canadia"

    13. Every time He Went Outside Looking Like This

    12. His "Opening Address" At The G20 Summit, Where He Complained About The Australian People

    11. Every Time He Was Sexist

    10. The Time He Pissed Off Putin And Caused Russia To Retaliate

    9. When He Refused To Acknowledge Climate Change

    8. When This Happened

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    In response to an Australian soldier dying "shit happens". Great to know you care about your country and its people.

    7. Every Time He Belittled The Aboriginal Population

    6. When He Was Reported For Crimes Against Humanity

    5. When He Didn't Know He Was Being Filmed

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    4. You Can Vote For Me Because My Daughters Are Hot

    3. The Time He Introduced $100.000 Degrees But Made Sure His Daughter Got A Full Scholarship

    2. He's Openly Homophobic

    1. After Germany Made Education Free He Tried To Change Their Mind