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100 Year Old Woman Sees The Ocean For The First Time

Ruby Holt had never seen the beach, that is until now.

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This Is Ruby Holt, she only recently saw the beach for the first time. At age 100!


It's hard to believe that someone wouldn't have been to a beach in their 100 years of life, but Ruby Holt never did even though it was only a 6 hour drive away. Ruby Holt had spent her 100 years in the state of Tennessee, working on a farm and in a shirt factory, looking after her four children or being looked after at her care home. She had never been to the beach or seen the sea. She simply never had the time or money to make the trip.

Thanks to Ruby's Care Home Her Dream Was Made A Reality And She Finally Went To The Beach

Watch The Video For Her Amazing Reaction 100 Years In The Making

View this video on YouTube / Via

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