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    11 Of The Best Photo Stories We Saw This Week

    Ten best, plus a bonus — this week we look at moms, horses, human rights, politics, portraits, and the Met prom. NBD.

    1. "Photographers' Favorite Photos of Their Moms" —National Geographic

    Sarah Leen

    "This series by National Geographic is great, showing a glimpse into the personal lives of people whose images we are familiar with, and allowing us a look at what is often a photographer's first subject — their families. Plus, who doesn't like to look at family photos?"—Kate Bubacz, Senior Photo Editor for News

    2. "In the Arctic, School Portraits Are 50 Percent More Charming" —WIRED

    Ikuru Kuwajima

    "Japanese photographer Ikuru Kuwajima visited one of the schools of the indigenous Nenets of the Russian tundra and beautifully and uniquely captured the children’s school portraits. Kuwajima used a creative approach by having the children hold the strobes to illuminate their friends. Each classroom was decorated with traditional Nenets prints and tents so the children would feel much more at home, which helped to narrate Kuwajima’s beautiful images." —Jared Harrell, Photo Editor for News

    3. "Portrait of a Bellwether" —MSNBC

    Mark Peterson / MSNBC

    "Yes, let's look at how we got into this mess and blame Indiana. Kidding. Capturing the campaign trail in a messy election means a lot of soul-searching and showing the feelings of people far away who may have more impact than you. Mark Peterson's approach this year has been widely applauded, and this series shows why — the images are wry and sharp, and question the election circus as much as the candidates." —KB

    4. "The Best Met Gala Party Of All? The Ladies' Bathroom Of Course" —Vogue

    Cass Bird

    "Photographer Cass Bird captured all the antics of the ladies’ bathroom again this year at the 2016 Met Gala. Her intimate and raw snaps of the hottest guests at this year’s ball is a rare glimpse behind the scenes of a media-focused coverage of the red carpet." —JH

    5. "This Is What the Met Gala Looked Like in the '90s" —BuzzFeed

    Stan Honda / AFP / Getty Images

    "Gabriel Sanchez takes a walk down the red-carpeted memory lane of the Met Gala in this fun roundup, reminding us that in 10 years we will get to giggle at why we thought it was a good idea to wear that dress." —KB

    6. "What These Iconic Photos of Teens in Their Bedrooms Teach Us About Being Young Today" —i-D

    Adrienne Salinger

    "Over 20 years after the publication of photographer Adrienne Salinger’s book In My Room: Teenagers in Their Bedrooms, the series has now been met with a second revival of interest as a new generation of teenagers, spending most of their time online, have since discovered the styles and interests of their parents' wonder years. Here, i-D interviews Salinger herself to discuss why this exaggeratedly dated body of work has found a second life.” —Gabriel H. Sanchez, Photo Essay Editor

    7. "Can a Mural Save Your Life?" —BuzzFeed

    Emily Raboteau

    "Art with a purpose, Emily Raboteau's photos capture the murals by the artist Cekis, who put a fun and informative spin on a very serious topic — spreading information about basic rights in neighborhoods frequently subjected to abuses of power. The writing that accompanies it is beautiful." —KB

    8. "10 Former Child Brides Tell Their Stories" —Refinery29

    Stephanie Sinclair

    "This is one of the most empowering stories I've seen this week; brace yourself for feelings. Stephanie Sinclair, a peerless photographer herself, pays it forward by teaching young women how to take pictures — and giving them a glimpse at a whole new worldview." —KB

    9. "A Model Farm — With Few Farmers" —Washington Post

    Linda Davidson / The Washington Post

    "As North Korea prepares for Friday's opening of the Workers’ Party congress, international journalists are getting a rare, unguarded view of the hermit nation’s inner-workings. Here, three Washington Post journalists give us a glimpse into a conspicuously empty model farm." —Ben King, Deputy Art Director

    10. "Many Days at the Races" —New York Times

    CreditCourtesy of Neil Latham and Steven Kasher Gallery, New York

    "Neil Latham has produced a dream-like series of horses called American Thoroughbred, and the results are very beautiful and powerful. Latham’s lighting techniques and his fine art approach resulted in an exceptional body of work." —JH

    11. "22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week" — BuzzFeed

    Carl De Souza / AFP / Getty Images

    Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.