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    • kateb83

      Just a couple of practical questions here…If the performance art lasts for 28 days, does she keep having to put a new ball of wool inside herself to continue the scarf she’s knitting?, and is it real wool, cos most people are allergic to that next to their skin and so it could be an irritant. I have to admit, I don’t really ‘understand’ conceptual art, but having read the above article I don’t know what artistic statement she is actually trying to make. Is it to de-sensitize people to the female parts, namely the vulva? And if they did look at it in a different way, whatever their reaction, is this called art? So you mean, if I got my kids to eat yogurt (as they think it is vile and disgusting) would this be conceptual art? I’d love to know as being a professional artist for 30 years I’d love to be able to get as much attention about ‘my work’ as she does! Personally I don’t have a problem with my, or anyone else’s private parts, but I fail to see why putting this ‘performance’ out there is art (and not ‘flashing’ which I thought was illegal).