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    12 Terrifying Long Haired Horses And What They're Hiding

    That's why their hair is so big--it's full of secrets.

    1. He's not really allergic to gluten.

    2. She takes your yogurt from the fridge at work even though you wrote your name on it.

    3. He thinks the moon landing was a hoax.

    4. He pretends he watched The Wire on OKCupid dates.

    5. She sleeps during shivasana.

    6. He's the one who prank called your house for the entirety of 7th grade.

    7. She's responsible for Hosea winning Top Chef Season 5.

    8. He hacked into Sony.

    9. He brags about not having a TV but he has a TV.

    10. She bcc's your boss on all of your correspondence.

    11. They killed Laura Palmer.

    12. He Photoshops Beyonce's Instagram without her knowing (it's the only explanation!)