The Disgusting Billboard For "The Strain" Is Grossing Out Los Angeles

    This photo is NOT it — we're sparing you! UPDATE: The billboards are being replaced in "several locations."

    This is not the image on the billboards for FX's new vampire horror show, The Strain, co-created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

    Nor is this! But it could be!

    Here it is, three blocks from the BuzzFeed L.A. office.

    Yes, this is the big version of what's on all the billboards.

    And I am not alone!

    Billboard for "The Strain" or whatever that godforsaken thing is w/ the thing in the eyeball on my street; can I call the Mayor to complain?

    I guess NO WORMS CRAWLING OUT OF EYEBALLS ON BILLBOARDS PLEASE was a thing that needed to be said explicitly?

    I normally defend FX's edgier style since people can choose not to watch it. I will not defend the Strain billboard I saw posted online...

    Kramer sees a billboard for the Strain on FX while driving and accidentally kills Sue Ellen Mischke. #Seinfeld

    The Strain has a billboard with a worm coming out of an eye. I'll never watch The Strain. This has been some #Negative #Social #Media #Buzz

    Seriously, The Strain? I have to look at your disgusting eyeball billboard when I drive? Are you trying to make me crash and die?

    Hey billboard for "The Strain" - I'm trying to eat a sandwich over here.

    Just saw a billboard for THE STRAIN that will haunt me for eternity. #eyeworm

    @hollyrandall @AaliyahLove69 I agree. I don't want to watch The Strain after seeing that billboard! #TakeItOff #NobodyWantsToSeeThat

    Listen, "The Strain" billboard, with your worm-coming-out-the-eyeball... Stop ruining EVERY MORNING.

    A representative for FX informed BuzzFeed that the network is "in the process of replacing the key art for The Strain on outdoor media in several locations." When asked for details — how many locations? in New York also? — the representative did not respond immediately.