The Disgusting Billboard For “The Strain” Is Grossing Out Los Angeles

This photo is NOT it — we’re sparing you! UPDATE: The billboards are being replaced in “several locations.”

1. This is not the image on the billboards for FX’s new vampire horror show, The Strain, co-created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.


2. Nor is this! But it could be!


3. Here it is, three blocks from the BuzzFeed L.A. office.

Kate Aurthur/BuzzFeed

4. Yes, this is the big version of what’s on all the billboards.


Let it be known I’m all for this show — I liked the pilot, and plan to watch more. It’s a horror show, and people who want to watch can see it in its 10 p.m. time slot when it premieres on Sunday, July 13.

But as a parent of small children — not to mention an adult human being who hates worms coming out of eyes — I’m surprised to see this image on public streets. I live in fear of my 4-year-old noticing it (he would cry, literally) and have taken to driving out of my way to avoid places where I know the billboard is.

5. And I am not alone!

I guess NO WORMS CRAWLING OUT OF EYEBALLS ON BILLBOARDS PLEASE was a thing that needed to be said explicitly?

— Dave Holmes (@DaveHolmes)

I normally defend FX's edgier style since people can choose not to watch it. I will not defend the Strain billboard I saw posted online...

— PetBunnyFan (@PetBunnyFan)

Kramer sees a billboard for the Strain on FX while driving and accidentally kills Sue Ellen Mischke. #Seinfeld

— Theodore Bressman (@Waffles1776)

The Strain has a billboard with a worm coming out of an eye. I'll never watch The Strain. This has been some #Negative #Social #Media #Buzz

— Joseph Scrimshaw (@JosephScrimshaw)

Seriously, The Strain? I have to look at your disgusting eyeball billboard when I drive? Are you trying to make me crash and die?

— Kirsten Smith (@KiwiLovesYou)

Hey billboard for "The Strain" - I'm trying to eat a sandwich over here.

— Andrew Kishino (@big_kish)

Just saw a billboard for THE STRAIN that will haunt me for eternity. #eyeworm

— Emily Happe (@emilyhappe)

@hollyrandall @AaliyahLove69 I agree. I don't want to watch The Strain after seeing that billboard! #TakeItOff #NobodyWantsToSeeThat

— Robert (@THERobertL)

Listen, "The Strain" billboard, with your worm-coming-out-the-eyeball... Stop ruining EVERY MORNING.

— Sian Heder (@sianheder)


A representative for FX informed BuzzFeed that the network is “in the process of replacing the key art for The Strain on outdoor media in several locations.” When asked for details — how many locations? in New York also? — the representative did not respond immediately.

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