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    Kanye West Attacked A Paparazzo

    And there is video.


    TMZ has reported that Kanye West, who has a complicated relationship to fame, attacked a paparazzo at Los Angeles International Airport Friday afternoon. The incident is on video, and TMZ says that "paramedics rushed to the scene."

    In the video, the photographer badgers West to talk to him. "Why can't we talk to you? I mean, why?"

    "What you're trying to do is get me in trouble," West answers, "so I have to pay you $250,000." Despite this foresight, West then comes at the paparazzo, who seems to be backing away.

    Last week, when a TMZ videographer tried to talk to West — also at the airport — the hip-hop star put his hand over the lens and said: "I don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me. Or anybody I know. Don't talk to me at all. And don't talk to anyone I know — at all. And tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows. Don't talk to themselves! Don't talk ever again."

    Here is the — hilarious — video of that.

    When that paparazzo persisted, West came at him, also.

    An email to West's publicist was not immediately returned.