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The Crazy, Real-Life Building Where Brody Is On "Homeland"

The Torre de David in Caracas, Venezuela actually exists. Spoilers for Sunday's episode within.

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This is a photograph of the Torre de David, the real building in Caracas, Venezuela where the fictional Nicholas Brody of Homeland is now living (against his will).

Flickr: elkilla / Creative Commons

In Sunday's episode, called "Tower of David," a bleeding Brody (Damian Lewis), whom viewers have not seen since the Season 2 finale, is brought to the building by allies of Carrie's. Brody is then tended to by a creepy character named Dr. Graham, played by Erik Todd Dellums. Later in the episode, Dr. Graham tells Brody about the history of the building. "They call it the Tower of David," he says. "Not for King David, heaven forbid. For David Brillembourg, the particularly egomaniacal banker who commissioned it. Unfortunately, before it was completed, David died — and then the whole economy died. Construction stopped. The squatters all moved in. And voila." All of that is factually correct.


The Vocativ mini-doc makes a different case; judge for yourself.

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The Torre de David details seemed pretty perfect, though — like here, when Brody's de facto nurse, Esme (Martina Garcia) buys water for him at a bodega in the building.

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