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    31 Senior Cats Who Will Fill Your Cold, Dead Heart With Joy

    With age comes sweetness.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show off their beautiful and wonderful senior cats. From grumpy felines to friendly floofs, here are some of their responses:

    1. Nanika, 17

    Rebecca Jaspers Fry/Buzzfeed

    "I adopted him from our local humane society last year after his previous family abandoned him. He has brought much joy to our lives and I am so glad I was able to give him another chance at living out his life." —Rebecca Jaspers Fry, Facebook

    2. Bubbles, 16


    "This is my sister’s cat, Bubbles, on her 16th birthday this past June! Bubbles has been through a lot, including having survived a gunshot to the neck when she was younger, but she’s still the queen of the house, and loves to cuddle and sleep on the kitchen table." —johnstonkate

    3. Gimli, 13


    "He’s pretty spry for his age and is good at beating up the dog. He’s my best friend." —kellyo4

    4. Lady Cosette, 11

    Daniel Greene/Buzzfeed

    "We picked Lady Cosette from the streets when she was six, she was struggling with rotten teeth and a respiratory infection. Now she is 11, and the most peaceful cat I've met. We're doing our best to keep her healthy despite her illness, and give her all the love in the world (and the occasional ham treat)." —Daniel Greene, Facebook

    5. Blossom, 13

    Caillin Allison/Buzzfeed

    "I don't think it's possible to cram any more personality into one (rather large) being. Sure, she can be a piece of work but hey, I would be too if you had to put up with me every day." —Caillin Allison, Facebook

    6. Kai Lin, 15

    Jamie L./Buzzfeed

    "She’s a sweet old girl who has never lost that pep in her step, and she’s so loving and affectionate to everyone she meets. I adopted her on her last chance from a kill shelter when she was just a year old, and she’s moved cities and states with me, never once backing down from the challenge or new experiences." —Jamie L.

    7. Kitty, 12


    "Kitty was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago. Despite that, she is the most friendly and loving cat I’ve ever met. She is also my twin because we both just want to eat and lay on the couch all day." —diana2323236256

    8. Pickles, 15


    "Pickles has the purest soul in the world. She looks at anyone who approaches her with adoration in her eyes and always greets people with a meek squeak. She loves to be loved, her favorite food is tuna, and she hates car rides." —malasam

    9. Tedd, 13


    "Tedd refuses to act his age. He can still be found doing 'speed laps' around the house at all hours of the night, will fight us for the warm spot on the couch, and insists on climbing to the top of all shelves and cupboards to demonstrate his superiority over us lowly humans. We love his loud purr, his demanding meow, his green eyes, and his mad cuddling skills." —michelleleew

    10. Sparky, 18


    "Sparky is a full-fledged senior citizen (he was born in 1998!), but he’s the most relaxed cat I’ve ever met and enjoys sleeping cuddled up to people’s faces. He never stops purring!" —why13

    11. Oreo, 16


    "Oreo is always dressed to impress in his tux." —avanden77

    12. Cleo and Cosmo, 14


    "They are brother and sister. We adopted them from the shelter when they were four months old, and they both have the sweetest, funniest personalities. I love them so much." —sarahl4e4512a66

    13. Fred, 11


    "He has been my best, and floofiest friend since I adopted him when he was 5. He was my first pet that I owned by myself and has moved with me from Colorado to Montana and then from Montana to California." — julias4354a33e5

    14. Reese, 14


    "I say she was made from the spare parts of other cats, because nothing on her body matches with anything else, and her fur looks like someone threw random fur clippings at her. She rules my entire household. I think she’s the most spoiled cat on the planet and she deserves all of it and more." —katievand4f52b0eaa

    15. Lady Grey, 10


    "Lady is the most wonderful, loving bundle of fur you’ll ever meet. All she wants is a lap to lay on and all the head rubs you can offer, and if you’re not giving her enough love, she’s more than willing to head-butt you until you meet your quota." —fullmetal2405

    16. Ramsey, 12


    "We adopted him in 2004 and he’s been the sweetest little guy ever since. We’ve never had any pet that loves to cuddle as much as him. He’s still our furbaby. We love him and he loves us." —kellyl35

    17. Tom, 16

    Madeline Lowry/Buzzfeed

    "Can you believe someone would just dump him in the middle of nowhere? Words can not accurately express my love towards him. He has been with us through many trials and many homes. His favorite things to do is sleep, eat, and go outside in the backyard for hours at a time. Tom is very tolerant and accepting." —Madeline Lowry, Facebook

    18. Peanut, 11


    "He has been there with me through numerous moves, boyfriends/break ups, roommates, and 11 years later he lives with me, my husband, our 7-month-old, three other kitties, and a dog. He has been the best cat ever and I am so lucky to have this senior kitty in my life." —laurapinos

    19. Mazey, 18

    Karson Brooks

    "She loves to give high fives. I've had her since I was two and seriously she's been the best cat ever!" —Karson Brooks, Facebook/Buzzfeed

    20. Muxin, 13


    "He loves cuddles. If you’re busy, too bad because it’s Muxin cuddle time! He also loves stealing pillows; it doesn’t matter if we’re still using the pillow, he will still steal it. He greets me at the door when I come home from work and likes to be walked to his food dish to eat." —joanlynnetted

    21. Climber, 13

    Whitney Van Straten/Buzzfeed

    "He was only a few weeks old when my dad gave him to me when I was five. In two weeks he will be turning 13! He is still a great mouser and the most loving cat ever, even though he has been diabetic for three years and gets insulin shots twice a day." —Whitney Van Straten, Facebook

    22. Tiger, 20

    Daria Jorquera Palmer/Buzzfeed

    "He turns 21 this November, yet still instructs us with meows when he wants us to turn on the tap, and then meows to remind us to turn it off when he's done. He loves to cuddle and be carried around the house like a prince, and we love him to pieces." —Daria Jorquera Palmer, Facebook

    23. Mischa, 15


    "She’s a cranky old girl. Her main hobbies include sleeping so soundly that she looks dead, and destroying things I love. She also enjoys putting her feet in my cereal." —jasmineb469bcd783

    24. Fantom, 17

    Scarlet Lovejoy/Buzzfeed

    "Fantom is becoming a softy in his old age. He still loves begging for food, laying in the sun, and occasionally whooping up on my mother's other, younger cat." —Scarlet Lovejoy, Facebook

    25. Mindy, 16


    "She is still going strong, and while she grumbles at her still joints or not getting enough treats, she can still take on the younger neighbourhood cats in a scrap over who is the best. Which is clearly her!" —hannaha440820c3b

    26. Nathan, 17


    "Nathan is going blind in both eyes, but he is the most huggable cat and purrs every time you touch him. He loves sleeping in my bed at my spot." —dorisa4703fb9e2

    27. Tessa, 14


    "Tessa likes to explore the garden and loves a good tummy rub. She has a round tummy and short legs, and even with arthritis in her lower spine she still finds the energy to run and play with our younger cat. She's usually the instigator!" —rachels4ec450b90

    28. Felix, 20

    Margaux Mae LaMadrid/Buzzfeed

    "It's a whole mew world on a magic carpet ride for my 12-year-old Felix! Always prepared for a fancy party with that tux and adorably distinguished face." —Margaux Mae LaMadrid, Facebook

    29. Melody, 18

    Tara Danielle Adams/Buzzfeed

    "I can't imagine my life without her! She's fat, fluffy and freaking opinionated, but I love her." —Tara Danielle Adams, Facebook

    30. Lisa, 18

    Caitlyn Boyle/Buzzfeed

    "She struggles to get on the couch these days but she's the most friendly, happy, loving and adorable cat. She loves treats, cuddles, sleep and warm places! She's everyone's best friend and my most absolute favourite thing in the entire world." —Caitlyn Boyle, Facebook

    31. Spike, 13


    "Spike has resting jerk face. Grumpy Cat who?" —aft732

    There are so many senior kitties in need of loving homes! Check out sites like PetFinder or Petango to find older cats to adopt, or visit your local animal shelter.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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