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    19 Times The English Language Made Absolutely No Sense Whatsoever

    "English isn't a language, it's three languages stacked on top of each other wearing a trenchcoat."

    1. Sometimes the English language seems like a really, really elaborate prank:

    2. English words just sorta take rules and ideas from wherever the hell they want:

    3. Nouns can become verbs and still make sense, somehow:

    4. Sometimes there are silent letters in words JUST BECAUSE:

    5. Sometimes, you practically need a diagram to make sense of a sentence:

    6. You could be saying a phrase one way for years, and then someone else breaks it down for you and you realize you've been speaking nonsense:

    7. For people whose first language is English, they've all internalized rules that they weren't even aware of:

    8. If you've only ever seen a word written down, there's a very good chance you have no idea how to say it aloud:

    9. The language doesn't care about making words rhyme:

    10. No, but seriously, why does this make sense???

    11. There are so many examples of this, it makes you want to break something:

    12. Somehow our brains can understand sentences that are incomprehensible on purpose:

    13. And the proper spelling depends on where on the planet you are:

    14. English doesn't have any definite rules about pronunciation:

    15. We often make strict grammar rules, only to immediately make a bunch of exceptions to those rules:

    16. Sometimes there are subtle differences that you'd never notice until someone pointed it out to you:

    17. The fact that all of these sentences are grammatically correct should make everyone furious:

    18. The language's spelling conventions are so difficult that we actually hold competitions:

    19. And English even has several words that mean both one thing and its opposite — WHAT?! Okay, I need to go lie down.