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    19 Gifts For Anyone Who Is Obsessed With Organizing

    Shoe organizers, budget planners, and 17 other things you need ASAP.

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    1. A magnetic spice rack that'll free up counter space while looking cool as hell.

    2. A set of drawer dividers that'll keep all your socks, bras, underwear, and whatever else you want all neat and tidy.

    3. A pack of divider sticky notes that'll make it easier to find any important notes you jotted down.

    4. A set of 40 Thank You cards that are blank inside, so you'll always be prepared to send some gratitude.

    5. An over-the-door shoe organizer that'll help store all kinds of things, not just your footwear!

    6. A budget planner that'll help whip your bank account into shape in no time.

    7. A bamboo monitor stand that'll also hold your phone, coffee, pens, notebooks, and whatever else is currently strewn about your desk.

    8. A purse organizer that'll fit in your current bag, so you won't have to dig around for your keys, lip balm, wallet, or anything else you tossed in there.

    9. A roadside emergency kit that'll come in handy during short drives or long road trips.

    10. A portable charger that'll recharge your phone so you'll never have to scramble to find an outlet.

    11. A set of stackable, reusable bento boxes that'll make it a snap to bring your lunch every day.

    12. A three-pack of Tide to-go sticks that'll get that splash of spaghetti sauce out of your shirt while you're at the office.

    13. A three-pack of mouthwash strips that'll keep your breath nice and minty, no matter what you ate for lunch.

    14. A travel pack of tissues so you'll never be caught off guard by a case of the sniffles.

    15. A combination mail shelf and key rack that'll make the entrance to your home much more organized.

    16. A plastic clothing folder that'll turn that pile of laundry into a perfect, folded stack every time.

    17. A set of metal wire storage cubes that'll keep everything in its place without taking up too much space.

    18. A magnetic dry-erase calendar so you'll keep track of your schedule whenever you head to the fridge.

    19. And finally, The Complete Book Of Home Organization, so you'll get your whole house into shape and make everyone else envious of your skills.

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