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    We Need To Talk About How Concerts Are Actually Terrible

    The music sounds just as good if we all sit quietly.

    1. It's time we all admitted that going to concerts is actually kind of the worst.


    2. There are the obvious reasons, like the insane convenience fees on ticket prices.

    3. That is, if you can even GET a ticket before they're mostly snapped up by ticket resellers.

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    4. So then you have to pay higher prices, and higher fees.

    5. The day the concert finally arrives, you have to wait outside in line for hours if you want a good spot.

    6. But then you're still stuck dealing with huge crowds of people who keep bumping into you.

    7. If you manage to get a spot in the front, you risk getting smushed by the crowd behind you.

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    8. That is, if you don't get accidentally get caught in the mosh pit.

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    9. Or else you stand safely farther back, but can't see the stage.

    10. Either way, you're stuck standing on hard concrete for hours.

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    11. Even if you bought a ticket with an assigned seat, you don't really get to sit, because everyone around you just stands up as soon as the show starts.

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    The music sounds just as good if we all sit quietly, guys.

    12. And even with an assigned spot, you still might not be able to see the stage.

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    13. You never know what the public bathroom situation is going to be.

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    14. And don't even get me started on the so-called "fun" of outdoor music festivals. No, thank you.

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    15. You're at the complete mercy of the weather, which can make or break the entire event.

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    16. Even if the weather cooperates, you still have to deal with, you know, other people.

    17. And the portable toilet issue is even worse than the public bathroom situation.

    18. It feels like you have to wait forever for the show to even start.

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    19. Then you're forced to sit through seemingly endless opening acts you don't care about, just to get to the good stuff.

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    20. And once the band you came to see finally performs, you realize they're not going to play their good songs until the end of the night.

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    21. Plus, the bright, constantly flashing lights make it hard to even look directly at the stage anyway.

    22. And inexplicably, everyone around you is filming the show on their phones, as if their cameras can catch anything but strobe lights.

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    23. And once the band does start playing the good stuff, you can't even fully enjoy it, because you can't stop thinking about how much your feet hurt from standing around for so long.

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    24. And you realize that you spent hours of your day preparing for just a few minutes of enjoyment that you didn't even fully enjoy anyway.

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    25. So then you have to fight through the hundreds or thousands of people who are all trying to escape at the same time.

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    26. And when you finally get home and listen to the album in the private comfort of your home, you realize that THIS is how you should have spent your night in the first place.

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