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    Updated on Nov 10, 2019. Posted on Nov 5, 2018

    17 Cats Who Are So Beautiful, They Could Probably Be Supermodels

    They deserve to be on the catwalk.

    1. Look at this Cindy Clawford of a cat.

    u/janybooboo / Via

    2. Or this kitten, who is practically Claudia Schif-fur.

    u/Sophiecatsmom / Via

    3. Those eyes! The camera loves them!

    u/Spartanc9657 / Via

    4. I've never taken a photo this good on my best day.

    u/femmefam / Via

    5. The most interesting girl in the world. Stay furry, my friends.

    u/shart_in_the_wind / Via

    6. This bed belongs to her now.

    u/cheer16l / Via

    7. How can I get my eyes to look like this?

    u/unfrtntlyemily / Via

    8. I mean, damn!

    u/easher8 / Via

    9. This cat could get me to do anything she wanted.

    u/Kutsurenko / Via

    10. If this stunning boy were right in front of me, I'd never stop brushing my teeth.

    u/ThatHypeCat / Via

    11. This mesmerizing stare!

    u/JIIFY / Via

    12. This kitty should be the one on the catwalk.

    u/PointOfImpact93 / Via

    13. Bless this incredibly handsome boy.

    u/cheesy_cat_17 / Via

    14. This gorgeous tortie takes my breath away.

    u/twan890 / Via

    15. This wee kitten is better than anything on Instagram.

    u/Chasse_Your_Dreams / Via

    16. The green-eyed tabby of my dreams!

    u/cerylidae1552 / Via

    17. Oh come on! This level of beauty is just unfair.

    For more absolutely beautiful cats, check out r/SupermodelCats!

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