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17 Gorgeous Cats Who Could Be Supermodels

They deserve to be on the catwalk.

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1. Look at this Cindy Clawford of a cat.

u/janybooboo / Via

2. Or this kitten, who is practically Claudia Schif-fur.

u/Sophiecatsmom / Via

3. Those eyes! The camera loves them!

u/Spartanc9657 / Via

4. I've never taken a photo this good on my best day.

u/femmefam / Via

5. The most interesting girl in the world. Stay furry, my friends.

u/shart_in_the_wind / Via

6. This bed belongs to her now.

u/cheer16l / Via

7. How can I get my eyes to look like this?

u/unfrtntlyemily / Via

8. I mean, damn!

u/easher8 / Via

9. This cat could get me to do anything she wanted.

u/Kutsurenko / Via

10. If this stunning boy were right in front of me, I'd never stop brushing my teeth.

u/ThatHypeCat / Via

11. This mesmerizing stare!

u/JIIFY / Via

12. This kitty should be the one on the catwalk.

u/PointOfImpact93 / Via

13. Bless this incredibly handsome boy.

u/cheesy_cat_17 / Via

14. This gorgeous tortie takes my breath away.

u/twan890 / Via

15. This wee kitten is better than anything on Instagram.

u/Chasse_Your_Dreams / Via

16. The green-eyed tabby of my dreams!

u/cerylidae1552 / Via

17. Oh come on! This level of beauty is just unfair.

For more absolutely beautiful cats, check out r/SupermodelCats!

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