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18 Jokes About "Star Wars" That Are Slightly Mean, But You'll Still Laugh

"The only thing Star Wars fans hate more than people who hate Star Wars, is Star Wars."

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1. This evolution:

2. This dig at Kylo:

3. This description of Yoda:

4. This reminder:

5. These "action" figures:

6. This summary of The Force Awakens:

7. And this one, too:

8. This important question:

9. This Star Wars name game:

10. This mocking of Luke:

11. This joke that is too soon:

12. This keen observation:

13. This dig at Obi-wan:

14. This comparison between the myth of Han Solo and the reality:

15. This take on the Jedi rules:

16. This promotional material:

17. This reaction to The Last Jedi:

18. And this observation:

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