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    Oh My God, These Cats Look So Adorably Dumb When They Sleep

    Sweet, derpy dreams, kitties.

    1. This enthralling little guy.

    2. This enchanting mister.

    3. This adorable weirdo.

    4. This graceful specimen.

    5. This effervescent kitty.

    6. This exquisite black cat.

    7. This handsome fella.

    8. This dignified munchkin.

    9. This majestic flufferton.

    10. This sublime kitten.

    11. This elegant furball.

    12. This magnificent feline.

    13. This poised little loaf.

    14. This dreamy dude.

    15. This precious gonzo.

    16. This gorgeous cutie.

    17. And this very tasteful tabby.

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