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    21 Reasons Why Munchkin Cats Are Too Pure For This World

    Cute things come in small packages.

    1. This wonderous creature you see is a munchkin cat.

    albertbabycat / Via

    2. And yes, they are 100% real and not imaginary.

    pooh0403 / Via

    3. It's as though you dreamt of the cutest thing in the world, and then woke up to discover your dream CAME TRUE.

    bilbothemunchkin / Via

    4. Because this? This is almost too much sweetness to handle. (Almost.)

    tiffany_10526 / Via

    5. Their diminutive stature is caused by a form of dwarfism that shortens their legs but leaves their heads and bodies the same size as other cats.

    SmugDalmatian / Via

    6. And the result is, to put it simply, OMIGODSOCUTE.

    louisethemunchkin / Via

    7. These little guys might look a little different from other, longer-legged felines...

    azha / Via

    8. ...but munchkin cats are just as curious and adventurous as any kitten (even after they've long grown into adulthood).

    zigzagzipperzombie / Via

    9. In fact, their short legs will actually help them run faster and take corners better.

    munchkin_minnie / Via

    10. (They're basically the feline version of a ferret in that way.)

    Devsector / Via

    11. They even come in floofy floof versions.

    gigishortlegs / Via

    12. And they love to play.

    13. Despite their wee little legs, Munchkins can still climb trees and up your curtains.

    14. That is to say, they'll climb all the way INTO YOUR HEART.

    Tolkienfan57 / Via

    15. Although even munchkin cats get tired and just need a good rest sometimes.

    antsreptiles / Via

    16. They're especially affectionate with their humans and love to spend time with them.

    17. But really, they love making friends with everyone, no matter their background.

    nailshortycat / Via

    18. And who wouldn't want to make friends with this sweet ball of fuzz?

    maxto_02 / Via

    19. What munchkin cats lack in height, they make up in pure, unfettered lovability.

    JugsBunny / Via

    20. And the love you give to them, they'll give you right back.

    tamabooooo / Via

    21. ❤️😻❤️

    amaccho5160 / Via

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