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If You Need A Smile And A Laugh, These 21 Photos Are For You

There is still plenty of cuteness in the world.

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1. This dog who can still fit in his sweater, sort of:

u/BreakinBricksWetNips / Via

2. These dogs who ate the postman's lunch:

u/BreakinBricksWetNips / Via

3. This man who had a run-in with a Canada goose:

4. These photogenic pups:

5. These new pals going on a joyride:

r/mikebookpro / Via

6. This bundled-up kitty:

7. This hero to children everywhere:

8. This ukelele player who received this note from a neighbor:

u/theraccoonrobot / Via

9. This universal experience:

10. This confused Wheel Of Fortune player:

11. This cat sanctuary volunteer:

12. This joyful little girl:

13. This trustworthy son:

14. This protective clownfish:

Tumblr / Via

15. This scientific revelation:

16. This sneaky nephew:

17. This proud mama:

18. These parents who tried their hardest to stay up to greet their kid after a long shift at work:

u/Hellhound0nMyTrail / Via

19. This trapped dog:

20. This comforting pet owner:

21. And this future best-selling author:

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