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21 Reasons Why Retail Workers Need To Stop Complaining

It's the sweetest gig ever.

1. Working retail is basically like a vacation.

2. Nothing bad ever happens in retail.

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3. All the employees have to do is put stuff away.

cola-troll / Via

4. And there's never that much stuff to put away.

TheGhoti / Via

5. Because customers always put items back.

N7Muffin / Via

6. None of the shoppers ever put anything in the wrong place.

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7. Or treat the store like a giant trash can.


8. And if there is a mess, it's easy to clean up.

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9. Working on Black Friday isn't even that scary.

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10. Retail workers totally exaggerate how busy it gets.

AdamsGame / Via

11. And everyone is always super nice to them.

mitchellwaldron / Via

12. Nobody ever treats retail employees like free babysitters.

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13. Customers always respect the merchandise.

llamalaughter / Via

14. Retail requires little to no effort.

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15. They just dump the merchandise onto the shelves.

16. There's zero skill involved.

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17. Retail workers never go the extra mile.

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18. Their work is always appreciated.

19. It isn't frustrating for them at all.

20. There are no unexpected downsides to working retail.

21. And finally, none of them ever do anything to put a smile on a customer's face.

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