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    Updated on Aug 8, 2018. Posted on Jul 26, 2018

    17 Dog Photos That Have Perfect Timing

    Timing is everything.

    1. This puppy who mistimed his jump.

    2. This dog who made a family photo so much better.

    3. This dog who saw an opportunity and took it.

    u/GallowBoob / Via

    4. This half-dog, half-cow.

    5. This dog trying to catch a ball.

    u/Quarafee / Via

    6. This dog who regrets jumping on the pool cover.

    u/Parkernmarkers / Via

    7. This dog who is about to ruin a holiday dinner.

    8. These vicious beasts (who are just playing, don't worry).

    u/ferguliciouss / Via

    9. This dog with a winning smile.

    u/Noduzz / Via

    10. And this pupper with an equally great grin.

    u/Mexican-Hotdog / Via

    11. This dog who is viciously eating his owner's hand.

    12. This dog who looks like he's been mounted on a wall.

    u/Jeenyus6 / Via

    13. This dog who is enjoying a lie-down on the bed.

    14. This dog with long, sharp teeth.

    u/Ragesome / Via

    15. This two-headed pupper.

    16. And this one, too.

    17. And this extra long, very good boy.

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