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    21 Adorable Creatures Who Have No Clue That 2016 Is A Giant Trash Fire

    Nobody tell them.

    1. Look at this sweet girl. She has no idea that this year has been a huge pile of wet garbage that's been set ablaze.

    2. And look at this tiny floof. Her innocent eyes haven't watched a single minute of cable news.

    3. This wee spaghetti chomper has no opinion on the U.S. election because he's completely unaware that it even exists.

    4. To this blue-eyed wonder, the name "Anthony Weiner" means absolutely nothing.

    5. Oh, little bun-bun. If someone said "private email server" to you, you wouldn't even flinch.

    6. See that look of contentment? That's the look of someone who has no concept of loss.

    7. Of course you're smiling, doggo. You have no idea that this calendar year should be wiped from history.

    8. You bite that nose, kitten. You've never heard two grown men engaging in horrifying "locker room talk."

    9. And even these animals did hear that, they wouldn't care, because they don't speak English.

    10. They haven't been harassed on social media.

    11. They're not on social media.

    12. They can't even spell "social media."


    14. They're just full of wide-eyed wonder that can't be destroyed by reading the news.

    15. They can sleep happily, because there's nothing to keep them up at night.

    16. To them, the world is a place of adventure and endless possibility.

    17. Because they don't have anything to worry about, do they?

    18. And weirdly enough, looking at these happy babies makes this year feel a little bit better.

    19. Even if only for a little while.

    20. Because if there is pure sweetness like this in the world...

    21. ...Then maybe 2016 isn't all bad.