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    21 Adorable Creatures Who Have No Clue That 2016 Is A Giant Trash Fire

    Nobody tell them.

    1. Look at this sweet girl. She has no idea that this year has been a huge pile of wet garbage that's been set ablaze.

    tibo207 / Via

    2. And look at this tiny floof. Her innocent eyes haven't watched a single minute of cable news.

    3. This wee spaghetti chomper has no opinion on the U.S. election because he's completely unaware that it even exists.

    Tofu_and_Miso / Via

    4. To this blue-eyed wonder, the name "Anthony Weiner" means absolutely nothing.

    Motodrew / Via

    5. Oh, little bun-bun. If someone said "private email server" to you, you wouldn't even flinch.

    callmelames / Via

    6. See that look of contentment? That's the look of someone who has no concept of loss.

    slicecrispy / Via

    7. Of course you're smiling, doggo. You have no idea that this calendar year should be wiped from history.

    smoothmoose3 / Via

    8. You bite that nose, kitten. You've never heard two grown men engaging in horrifying "locker room talk."

    kelbrina / Via

    9. And even these animals did hear that, they wouldn't care, because they don't speak English.

    kdr019 / Via

    10. They haven't been harassed on social media.

    jmp325 / Via

    11. They're not on social media.

    12. They can't even spell "social media."

    jennapillar / Via


    captainhiltz / Via

    14. They're just full of wide-eyed wonder that can't be destroyed by reading the news.

    Vada / Via

    15. They can sleep happily, because there's nothing to keep them up at night.

    Zombieddy / Via

    16. To them, the world is a place of adventure and endless possibility.

    ziptnf / Via

    17. Because they don't have anything to worry about, do they?

    PenutButterVibes / Via

    18. And weirdly enough, looking at these happy babies makes this year feel a little bit better.

    oliverclothessoff / Via

    19. Even if only for a little while.

    BundlesofBuns / Via

    20. Because if there is pure sweetness like this in the world...

    hiddensunshine / Via

    21. ...Then maybe 2016 isn't all bad.

    IWannaBeAGiantYo / Via