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    This Company Designed Period-Friendly Underwear For People With Mobility Issues

    They're eco-friendly and leakproof, too!

    Maybe you're already familiar with Modibodi, the company that pioneered "period underwear" and "period swimwear" that can be worn in place of a tampon or pad.

    Well, in addition to being size-inclusive, eco-friendly, and totally leakproof, Modibodi underwear is now available as the Adaptive Boyleg briefs, which are designed to make them easier to use for people who are less mobile or experience a range of abilities.

    In addition to Modibodi's usual leakproof lining, the Adaptive Boyleg briefs have hook-and-loop-tape side closures, along with elastic hoops that are easy to grab and hold onto. That makes them a breeze to put on and take off, whether you're standing, sitting, lying down, or whatever position you're in.

    And they're made with soft bamboo, meaning these babies are COMFORTABLE, which should always be the goal.

    Emily J. Prior, an actress, model, and disability advocate, had this to say about the Adaptive Boyleg briefs: "Sometimes buttons, hooks and zippers can be tricky when you have a disability. So, when I got my hands on Modibodi's new adaptive period underwear, I was so excited."

    So if you're looking for period-friendly underwear (and swimwear!) that's eco-friendly, comfortable, size-inclusive, AND adaptive, why not head over to Modibodi now to check it all out?