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    Posted on Jul 26, 2016

    17 Reasons Why Lizards Actually Make The Perfect Cuddle Buddy

    Love those lizards.

    1. Lizards may not be furry like a puppy or a kitten, but like anyone on this green earth, they still love a good cuddle.

    2. Whether big...

    mtlonimgur/Imgur / Via

    4. ...sometimes a lizard's favourite spot is just wherever they can relax on top of their human.

    losleyworth/Reddit / Via

    5. Especially if they're fresh out of the bath.

    6. They may just want to curl up in your hand.

    Megaminate/Imgur / Via

    7. Or curl around your finger.

    Useranotherpassword/Imgur / Via

    8. Or hang out in your lap for an afternoon.

    9. There's often nothing better than just hanging out with your favourite human.

    10. Just get right up to them, goooooood and close.

    11. And lizards love a good shoulder to lean on.

    12. Even if the human has to go outside, that won't stop a lizard from taking part in a good hoodie huddle.

    SpaceManGlaze/Imgur / Via

    13. They don't even necessarily need their cuddle partner to be human.

    14. And their furry friends like them just as much.

    15. Sometimes lizards don't even need to cuddle something real to feel content.

    Vininnarella/Reddit / Via

    16. They're even up for some tickling every once in a while.

    17. A really good lizard cuddle session is enough to make anyone smile.

    bods4444/Reddit / Via

    Now go find a lizard to love! ;)

    Cjspillman/Reddit / Via

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