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Literally Just A Bunch Of Photos Of Cats Sitting In Tiny Chairs

And these chairs are juuuuust right.

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1. "Wha? You got me MY OWN CHAIR?"

know-who / Via

2. "It's only for kittens? Not for humans?"

3. "It's the perfect size for all of my kitty activities!"

4. "And it even matches yours!!!"

RoseLights / Via

5. "My favorite color! How did you know?"

ammobox / Via

6. "I'm not sure what I need an ottoman for, but I appreciate the thought just the same."

7. "The pattern may be old-fashioned, but the comfort is top-notch."

lilres / Via

8. "I can use it to nap..."

whinge_chime / Via

9. "...And sit..."

hangry_lady / Via

10. "...And sit in a different position..."

maebeweird / Via

11. "...And to oversee all of my important business in this room."

12. "I've always wondered why you humans never sit on the floor, but now I understand."

13. "This is what true comfort and happiness is."

14. "After this, the floor just won't do."

kimothy89 / Via

15. "Thank you for this kitty-sized gift, human."

skottiboy / Via

16. "Now I'll never have to use your giant furniture ever again."

17. "...But maybe I'll still use it sometimes."

Jam-not-jelly / Via

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