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18 Photos That Prove Senior Pugs Are Still Sweet, Wholesome Babies

*snorts, snores, and squishes*

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1. We all know that baby pugs are adorable, but there's just something special about a senior pug.

Bronte Lynn

2. Yeah, they're a little bit derpy in their old age...

Texy / Via

3. ...but they're not really old; they're just distinguished.

zombiewendy / Via

4. Sometimes they can get a little stinky and need a bath...

Footdemlins / Via

5. ...but they don't really mind.

DropKickKenny / Via

6. They get tired a little more easily...

SirLaxer / Via

7. ...but that's just because they're having such a good time.

pappardalle / Via

8. Older pugs still like to spend time outside in the sun.

ShoTaRA / Via

9. And they still rock the cute outfits you make them wear.

BaronDestructo / Via

10. They're as snug as a pug in a rug.

wise0wl / Via

11. Their fur may being mostly gray at this point...

SpaghettiTuesday- / Via

12. ...but they're still as happy to see you as they were when they were a puppy.

all_of_the_elbows / Via

13. And they're definitely less self-conscious.

14. Ultimately, they're the same adorable pug they've always been, just a little bit more chill.

Croppy / Via

15. And they love to hang out with their equally chill friends.

garts / Via

16. Senior pugs are perfect proof that age is just a number.

MissSteakVegetarian / Via

17. Because no matter how old or grumpy your pug gets...

PoostainPete / Via

18. ...they'll always be your sweet little baby.

HannahRNBSN / Via

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