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15 Cats Who Don't Understand Why You're Not Already Petting Them


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1. This cat, who just wants to share your headphones. AND YOUR LOVE.

mowglee/Imgur / Via

2. This precious ball of fur, who only needs a good face-boop! You don't even need to do anything!

Launchpad/YouTube / Via

3. This sad-eyed little gonzo, who just wants a bit of your attention, puh-leeeeeaaaaase!

CatsFunStory / Via

4. This little floof, who wants to know where you think you're going with that hand, mister?!

lailah88/YouTube / Via

5. This kitty, who just wants a big ol' hug! JUST HUG HIM, PLEASE.

Tricia Carr/YouTube / Via

6. This stripey kitty, who is showing you exactly what she wants from you! You don't even have to guess!

makemeow / Via

7. This lovable black-and-white scamp, who only wants a few kisses! IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!

iloveanimals/YouTube / Via

8. This spry kitty-cat, who couldn't care less whether you have work to do! What could be more important than petting?! NOTHING.

michelleyang0625/YouTube / Via

9. This cat, who knows you can still use your laptop with your other hand!

makemeow / Via

10. This serious little guy, who just really wants to feel the music!

makemeow / Via

11. This determined fuzzy fella, who thinks being able to see is overrated!

makemeow / Via

12. This angel-faced cutie, who thinks you've been playing Skyrim for too long!

4jokes/YouTube / Via

13. This mischievous buddy, who doesn't care if you fall as long as she gets some pets!

Schoolfree/YouTube / Via

14. This folded-ear kitter, who can't understand why you're so stingy with your love. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?

BabyMakR/YouTube / Via

15. And this little furball, who finally got everything he dreamed of and it was just as great as he thought it would be!!!!!!!

amsify/Imgur / Via

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