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17 Cats Who Have Been Totally And Utterly Betrayed

"I will have my revenge, human."

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1. "Why are we here? Why have you brought me back to this terrible place?"

kirk7784 / Via

2. "You say there's nothing to worry about, but I don't quite believe you."

Soozyamy / Via

3. "I am not pleased with this turns of events."

4. "Nothing good will come from me leaving this carrier."

ChristieAS / Via

5. "I don't trust the look of this guy."

QueenFloppy / Via

6. "I'll just protect myself in this impenetrable fortress."

7. "Perhaps if I hide, the vet won't fine me."

jihallett7 / Via

8. "If I can't see them, they can't see me." / Via Misaniovent

9. "You can't examine me if I am perfectly camouflaged."

Tortelliniii / Via

10. "See? Ninja skills."

LolaSan / Via

11. "Nothing in this drawer but boring old files. Definitely no cats in here, that's for sure."

Tortelliniii / Via

12. "I'll hide in here, and once they take out the garbage, I can make a break for it."

QEDomelets / Via

13. "You... you can't just LEAVE me here. TAKE ME WITH YOU, HUMAN."

Tortelliniii / Via

14. "Whatever's about to happen, it can't be good."

meesmaus / Via


seastar11 / Via

16. "Even if you say this is for the best, human, I will have my revenge."

habslove / Via

17. "I hate you."

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