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    Literally Just 18 Dogs Who Found The Perfect Stick

    "I foresee no problems carrying this stick."

    1. "This is it. This is the stick I want."

    2. "It is a perfectly-sized stick for me."

    3. "My stick and I are clearly an ideal match."

    4. "I foresee no problems carrying it around with me."

    5. "No, you cannot take the stick from me. It is my stick."

    6. "This stick is my new best friend."

    7. "I shall name him Sticky and he will be mine and he will be my Sticky."

    8. "I can totally carry the stick myself. Just... just give me a minute."

    9. "No, I don't need any help. I've got this."

    10. "OK, fine, maybe a little bit of help would be good."

    11. "Frankly, I don't know why you've been wasting my time with those tiny sticks all this time."

    12. "Because this? This right here is pure heaven."

    13. "Finding this stick is the best thing I've ever done."

    14. "I'm just lying down for a few minutes. My stick is tired."

    15. "See? My stick and I have almost made it home. I can't believe you doubted us."

    16. "I don't know why my stick and I are not in the house but we're still having a great time."

    17. "When you really open yourself up to true love, you're bound to find it, sooner or later."

    18. "I love you, stick."