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    18 Perfect Tweets About Cat People Vs. Dog People

    "What idiot called them dog people and cat people instead of Repuplicans and Democats?"

    1. On accepting reality:

    "Dogs are assholes" DOG PERSON: YOU'RE an asshole! "Cats are assholes" CAT PERSON: Yeah

    2. On people:

    HER: so are you a cat person or a dog person? ME: actually I’m a person person HER: ME: HER: ME: *leans in* I’m person af

    3. On first dates:

    "so are you more of a cat person or a dog person" how dare you make me choose. how dare you. this date is over and i'm calling the police

    4. On expectations:

    dog people: i like dogs cat people: i like cats swamp people: i like swamps. oh u must hav thougt i woud be a literal swamp monster but no,

    5. On betrayal:

    ME: I can be a dog person AND a cat person DOG: [throwing clothes off the balcony at me] LIKE HELL YOU CAN

    6. On coworkers:

    i will never forget when i asked the boy at my work if he was a cat or dog person and he just looked at me and went 'i like snakes'

    7. On judgments:

    CAT PERSON: My cat Is like a dog DOG PERSON: 😤 DOG PERSON: My dogs are my kids ACTUAL PARENT: 😤 ALIEN: None of this matters *kills us all*

    8. On love and hate:

    HIM: I'm a dog person HER: I'm a cat person DOG: I love everyone CAT: I hate everyone

    9. On missed opportunities:

    What idiot called them dog people and cat people instead of Repuplicans and Democats

    10. On disappointment:

    I hate when someone describes themselves as "a cat-person" or "a dog-person" and then you meet them and they're just regular humans.

    11. On outer space:

    are you a cat person? are you a dog person? are you a PSYCHIC SPACE LOBSTER PERSON.......YES YOU ARE THE PSYCHIC SPACE LOBSTER KNOWS ALL

    12. On cognitive dissonance:

    "Cat people are the worst" she said, kissing her dog on the mouth

    13. On similarities:

    The only similarity between "dog people" and "cat people" is neither want to associate with me.

    14. On compromises:

    15. On Star Wars:

    Dog people liked Luke. Cat people liked Han.

    16. On children:

    Telling someone "it's just a cat it's not like it's a dog" is like saying "it's just your daughter it's not like it's your son."

    17. On preferential treatment:

    Me petting your cat: he's cute You: I have a dog too, his name's Leo Me throwing your cat out the window: here Leo

    18. And on stereotypes:

    Cat people - "cats are easier to look after" Dog people - "dogs are loyal" Fire Ant people - "my skin is burning. Where are my children"

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