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    Posted on Aug 31, 2016

    18 Perfect Tweets About Cat People Vs. Dog People

    "What idiot called them dog people and cat people instead of Repuplicans and Democats?"

    1. On accepting reality:

    "Dogs are assholes" DOG PERSON: YOU'RE an asshole! "Cats are assholes" CAT PERSON: Yeah

    2. On people:

    HER: so are you a cat person or a dog person? ME: actually I’m a person person HER: ME: HER: ME: *leans in* I’m person af

    3. On first dates:

    "so are you more of a cat person or a dog person" how dare you make me choose. how dare you. this date is over and i'm calling the police

    4. On expectations:

    dog people: i like dogs cat people: i like cats swamp people: i like swamps. oh u must hav thougt i woud be a literal swamp monster but no,

    5. On betrayal:

    ME: I can be a dog person AND a cat person DOG: [throwing clothes off the balcony at me] LIKE HELL YOU CAN

    6. On coworkers:

    i will never forget when i asked the boy at my work if he was a cat or dog person and he just looked at me and went 'i like snakes'

    7. On judgments:

    CAT PERSON: My cat Is like a dog DOG PERSON: 😤 DOG PERSON: My dogs are my kids ACTUAL PARENT: 😤 ALIEN: None of this matters *kills us all*

    8. On love and hate:

    HIM: I'm a dog person HER: I'm a cat person DOG: I love everyone CAT: I hate everyone

    9. On missed opportunities:

    What idiot called them dog people and cat people instead of Repuplicans and Democats

    10. On disappointment:

    I hate when someone describes themselves as "a cat-person" or "a dog-person" and then you meet them and they're just regular humans.

    11. On outer space:

    are you a cat person? are you a dog person? are you a PSYCHIC SPACE LOBSTER PERSON.......YES YOU ARE THE PSYCHIC SPACE LOBSTER KNOWS ALL

    12. On cognitive dissonance:

    "Cat people are the worst" she said, kissing her dog on the mouth

    13. On similarities:

    The only similarity between "dog people" and "cat people" is neither want to associate with me.

    14. On compromises:

    15. On Star Wars:

    Dog people liked Luke. Cat people liked Han.

    16. On children:

    Telling someone "it's just a cat it's not like it's a dog" is like saying "it's just your daughter it's not like it's your son."

    17. On preferential treatment:

    Me petting your cat: he's cute You: I have a dog too, his name's Leo Me throwing your cat out the window: here Leo

    18. And on stereotypes:

    Cat people - "cats are easier to look after" Dog people - "dogs are loyal" Fire Ant people - "my skin is burning. Where are my children"

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