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21 Reasons Why Women Should Wear High Heels All The Time

Toe the line, ladies.

1. ATTENTION EVERY WOMAN: Y'all should be wearing high heels every single day of your life.

Instagram: @giomoda

2. Because there's just no way to look good without a good pair of heels.

Instagram: @simplymestyling

3. They're the only shoes that will make your legs and butt look good.

Instagram: @yeezy4girls

4. And, as we all know, flats just aren't cute at all.

Instagram: @carolina

6. Flat shoes just don't add the ~pizzazz~ that high heels do.

7. And if you're wearing a pair of sneakers, they're probably super boring.

Instagram: @tdncr

8. High heels are beautifully crafted works of art; flat shoes just can't compete.

Instagram: @creativemindsx2

9. Ladies, we can't look professional unless we stick our feet in some tall-ass shoes.

Instagram: @lil_baroness_van_elsene

10. If you're not wearing heels, then you're only allowed to wear sweatpants or pajamas.

Instagram: @alexandra

11. You never see famous pop stars performing without dressing up in towering shoes, do you?

Instagram: @alessiasmusic

12. That's because it's impossible to dress up without a good pair of heels.

Instagram: @rheabutcher

13. And OBVIOUSLY, no woman should EVER get married without wearing some high, high heels to match her dress.

Instagram: @calliebphoto

14. After all, are you even MARRIED if you're not in heels?

Instagram: @bianca

15. You never want to mix-and-match different styles of clothing. HEELS ONLY, GIRLS.

Instagram: @chieh

16. Any decent night on the town requires high, uncomfortable shoes.

17. Sure, heels are uncomfortable, but sometimes you need to suffer for fashion.

Instagram: @blancablancoactress

18. Because frankly, there are just some clothes you ~have~ to wear heels with.

Instagram: @yeezy4girls

19. You can't look good AND be comfortable at the same time.

Instagram: @iamtheindiangirl

21. Because ultimately, women will never look good WITHOUT high heels. It's just basic science.

Instagram: @naousosaltoalto
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