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    21 Reasons Why Women Should Wear High Heels All The Time

    Toe the line, ladies.

    1. ATTENTION EVERY WOMAN: Y'all should be wearing high heels every single day of your life.

    2. Because there's just no way to look good without a good pair of heels.

    3. They're the only shoes that will make your legs and butt look good.

    4. And, as we all know, flats just aren't cute at all.

    5. Nope. Not even close to adorable.

    6. Flat shoes just don't add the ~pizzazz~ that high heels do.

    7. And if you're wearing a pair of sneakers, they're probably super boring.

    8. High heels are beautifully crafted works of art; flat shoes just can't compete.

    9. Ladies, we can't look professional unless we stick our feet in some tall-ass shoes.

    10. If you're not wearing heels, then you're only allowed to wear sweatpants or pajamas.

    11. You never see famous pop stars performing without dressing up in towering shoes, do you?

    12. That's because it's impossible to dress up without a good pair of heels.

    13. And OBVIOUSLY, no woman should EVER get married without wearing some high, high heels to match her dress.

    14. After all, are you even MARRIED if you're not in heels?

    15. You never want to mix-and-match different styles of clothing. HEELS ONLY, GIRLS.

    16. Any decent night on the town requires high, uncomfortable shoes.

    17. Sure, heels are uncomfortable, but sometimes you need to suffer for fashion.

    18. Because frankly, there are just some clothes you ~have~ to wear heels with.

    19. You can't look good AND be comfortable at the same time.

    20. It's just not possible.

    21. Because ultimately, women will never look good WITHOUT high heels. It's just basic science.