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    17 Dogs Who Are So Hecking Cute That I Want To Die

    All dogs have sweet faces, and here are just a few of them.

    1. Look at this sweet face!

    2. And this one too!

    3. This face could make me do whatever it wanted.

    4. Here's another happy face for you.

    5. So happy to be going to the dog park!

    6. Oh, what an adorable attack dog.

    7. And this sweet angel!!

    8. Here's a perfect dog, no question.

    9. This little sweet face is getting ready for school!

    10. Someone please pet this very, very good dog.

    11. This wonderful girl is thrilled be going home from the shelter!

    12. If someone could bottle the perfection of this dog's face, they'd be a millionaire.

    13. Happy! So happy!!!

    14. Floppy ear or no floppy ear, this is a great, great face.

    15. Hello, cute sir, very nice to meet you.

    16. I dare you to stare at this face and not feel pure joy.

    17. All dogs are excellent, and I could look at their excellent faces forever.