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    17 Dogs Who Are So Hecking Cute That I Want To Die

    All dogs have sweet faces, and here are just a few of them.

    1. Look at this sweet face!

    u/jfks_sex_dungeon / Via

    2. And this one too!

    u/SlaughterApollo / Via

    3. This face could make me do whatever it wanted.

    u/FoxFyre1 / Via

    4. Here's another happy face for you.

    u/Ghapto / Via

    5. So happy to be going to the dog park!

    u/thinkingking- / Via

    6. Oh, what an adorable attack dog.

    u/cianmort / Via

    7. And this sweet angel!!

    u/GuerillaHands / Via

    8. Here's a perfect dog, no question.

    u/talkshitgetshot / Via

    9. This little sweet face is getting ready for school!

    u/BarkleyTheDogLegend / Via

    10. Someone please pet this very, very good dog.


    11. This wonderful girl is thrilled be going home from the shelter!

    u/strfwyuinmywok / Via

    12. If someone could bottle the perfection of this dog's face, they'd be a millionaire.

    u/lapetitetigresse / Via

    13. Happy! So happy!!!

    u/king_kwame / Via

    14. Floppy ear or no floppy ear, this is a great, great face.

    u/rowdy_rice / Via

    15. Hello, cute sir, very nice to meet you.

    u/Jenarell / Via

    16. I dare you to stare at this face and not feel pure joy.

    u/JellyBreen419 / Via

    17. All dogs are excellent, and I could look at their excellent faces forever.

    u/TheBigLettuce / Via

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