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    26 Things That Will Magically Give Your Home More Space In 2021

    So much more room for activities.

    1. A tea bag organizer so you can finally get rid of those bulky boxes.

    an organizer with six clear buckets for tea bags

    2. A thin rolling shelf to slip in that weird space between your fridge and cabinets. Or between your laundry machine and the wall. Or in the garage next to your car. Wherever you have a tiny sliver of unused space.

    a thin shelf with four shelves

    3. A cutting board and strainer hybrid that will take up so much less space than your colander.

    chopping board with strainer built in placed over sink

    4. Packing cubes to keep your clothes compact and flat, so you can stuff even *more* clothes in your suitcase without getting everything wrinkly.

    5. An envelope holder that'll also hold your house keys, so you don't just toss everything into a chaotic pile near the front door.

    The holder hangs on the wall and holds several pieces of mail, plus keys

    6. An expanding file folder you can fill with up to 200 pieces of paper and free up soo much desk space.

    purple accordion folder with smiley face being pulled from bookshelf

    7. An over-the-toilet storage unit so you can finally have enough space to fit all those half-full bottles of shampoo.

    A cabinet with shelves that goes over the toilet

    8. Cord organizers you can stick to your wall because it's about to be 2021 and it's time for your floor to go wireless.

    9. An stackable shelf to help you utilize more space in your cabinets.

    two small table-like shelves with one slightly shorter so they can interlock

    10. A hanging bed caddy that tucks into your bed frame and takes up way less space than a nightstand.

    The caddy hanging from the side of the bed, holding a phone, tablet, glasses and more

    11. A car seat storage bag so everything you need is in one place instead of rolling around under the seats. Your passengers will finally have leg room AND a good snack.

    12. A hanging set of rainbow folders that'll give you some filing cabinet space and give your cubicle a pop of colour.

    organizer hanging on wall

    13. A desk shelf that'll free up a bunch of storage space underneath it — and it'll help raise your monitor to a more comfortable height (your hunched shoulders will thank you).

    14. A shower shelf for the corner of your bathroom or shower, because every nook and cranny needs to be utilized in small spaces.

    The wire corner shower shelf holds shampoo bottles and other shower products

    15. An adjustable hanging rod that hangs onto the one in your closet so you can double your closet space.

    a clear picture of how the bottom bar hooks onto the pre-existing top bar in a closet

    16. Rainbow nesting storage containers that will make a hue-ge difference in your cabinet space. No more free-floating containers and mysterious lids!

    17. A wire pan holder to bring order to your chaotic cabinet.

    metal rack with room for two pans, a cutting board, and a cupcake pan

    18. An over-the-cabinet-door holder so you can fit even more cooking sheets, cutting boards, and other flat kitchen items in your kitchen.

    a basket for cutting board hooked onto the inside of a cabinet

    19. A rotating beauty organizer that neatly organizes all your skincare products, makeup, brushes, and knickknacks so you can finally see the top of your dresser again.

    A clear rotating beauty organizer with several levels

    20. And a jewellery organizer that'll hold all your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and other shiny baubles, so you they won't get all tangled up (or lost behind your dresser).

    21. An over-the-door holder for your iron and ironing board, because where the heck else are you gonna keep those bulky things?

    hook for iron and board

    22. A hanging shoe organizer so you can get your shoe(s) on the door. (You can also use the pocket organizer to store cleaning supplies!)

    23. An under-sink organizer for stacking your items without losing them forever to the black hole in the back of your cabinet.

    The organizer with three shelves and room to stack things on top

    24. A thin magnetic knife block so you can feel like a fancy adult even if you don't have the fancy adult-sized counter space.

    l-shaped wooden board with knives stuck to it

    25. Or ditch the knife block entirely and get a magnetic strip for the wall.

    thin metal strip with various knives and metal tools stuck to it

    26. A pack of mini shelves made for stacking shoes without crushing them. It'll halve how much shoe rack space you need!

    It's making my head spin how many activities you could do.