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    15 Photos That LOOK Like Delicious Food, But I Promise You, They're NOT Food

    Trust us, don't eat it. (H/T to r/ForbiddenSnacks.)

    1. Do not attempt to eat this juicy steak.

    A large rock that looks like marbled steak

    2. Back away from the waffle.

    A manhole cover that looks like a waffle

    3. Don't eat this bacon.

    Large blocks of a tree bark in the back of a truck that look like bacon slices

    4. These hamburger patties would make a terrible meal.

    A fire disc/starter in a pack that looks like a hamburger patty

    5. You don't want a bite of this ice cream sandwich.

    A mattress that looks like an ice cream sandwich

    6. Don't try to eat this chocolate bar.

    Self-adhesive pads in a pack that look like a chocolate bar

    7. This broccoli will be very difficult to eat.

    A tree whose leaves look like a head of broccoli

    8. You'll have a bad time if you eat one of these macarons.

    Shampoo bars that look like macarons

    9. This long banana is NOT for eating.

    Dirty hose

    10. Resist the urge to get a scoop of this cookies 'n' cream ice cream.

    Dirty snow that looks like ice cream until you notice the tire tracks

    11. I know you're craving linguine, but please, just don't.

    Rubber bands in a large box

    12. You do not want to roast these marshmallows.

    Packing peanuts in a large box

    13. Trust us: Trying to eat this watermelon would be ill advised.

    A bowling ball that looks sort of like a whole watermelon


    Elmer's School Glue on a shelf in containers that look like milk jugs

    15. And finally, PLEASE don't try to eat this salad!!!

    A bowl containing birds whose feathers look like lettuce