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    15 Photos That LOOK Like Delicious Food, But I Promise You, They're NOT Food

    Trust us, don't eat it. (H/T to r/ForbiddenSnacks)

    1. Do not attempt to eat this juicy steak.

    u/moezana / Via

    2. Back away from the waffle.

    3. Don't eat this bacon.

    4. These hamburger patties would make a terrible meal.

    u/Kinstugi / Via

    5. You don't want a bite of this ice cream sandwich.

    6. Don't try to eat this chocolate bar.

    u/madbear84 / Via

    7. This broccoli will be very difficult to eat.

    u/dorantana122 / Via

    8. You'll have a bad time if you eat one of these macarons.

    u/Lethal_Trousers / Via

    9. This long banana is NOT for eating.

    10. Resist the urge to get a scoop of this cookies 'n' cream ice cream.

    11. I know you're craving linguine, but please, just don't.

    u/Keanulaszlo / Via

    12. You do not want to roast these marshmallows.

    u/eastbayant / Via

    13. Trust us: Trying to eat this watermelon would be ill-advised.

    u/Golokopitenko / Via


    u/joey_p1010 / Via

    15. And finally, PLEASE don't try to eat this salad!!!

    u/adamantcheese / Via