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Literally Just A Bunch Of Insanely Happy Dogs

Such happy little fluffy puppers.

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1. This dog, who is just having a ball.

2. This overjoyed birthday boy, who can't wait to make a wish.

3. This relaxed doggo, who is discovering the joy of a head scratcher.

4. This costumed floof, who is taking the term "Happy Meal" very literally.

5. This clean pupper, who really knows how to enjoy bathtime.

6. This content little nugget, who won't be letting anyone else have a turn on the swing for a while.

7. This tiny little dog, whose tail has basically turned into a propeller.

8. This little pupper, who is just chowing down on his happy place.

9. These doggy siblings, who are just soaking up all of the sun's rays.

10. This thrilled little guy, who could roll around in the grass all day.

Instagram: @frenchie_paige

11. This excited guy, who just feels like dancin'.

12. This satisfied pooch, who is cooling off with an impromptu mud bath.

13. This cheerful fella, who knows that it's a dog-eat-(hot)dog world.

14. This upbeat pup, who found time to smell (and eat) the flowers.

15. This dog, who loves all of life's ups and downs.

16. This joyous dude, who found a treasure in a pile of leaves.

17. This sleepy ball of fluff, who seems to be having happy dreams.

Instagram: @maruhusky

18. This tiny little buddy, who is so happy to be clean.

19. And this dog, who did NOT realize anyone else was home.

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