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    17 Fuzzy Chinchillas Who Have Mastered The Art Of Chinchillin’

    Like a villain.

    1. This satisfied puff who is enjoying a good brushing.

    jinky74/Imgur / Via

    2. This regal princess who is relaxing in her regal dwelling.

    3. This wonderful wee guy who just wants to stay cool on a hot day.

    brittafiltaperry/Reddit / Via

    4. This smushy fella who found the perfect hiding place and isn't coming out anytime soon.

    5. This celebratory ball of fur who knows the best part of a balloon is just holding it.

    beanzo_steezin/Instagram / Via

    6. This teensy cup-sized baby who doesn't care what he weighs, as long as he's happy.

    7. This wee little couch potato who's busy marathoning Orange Is The New Black.

    8. This wide-eyed fuzzerton who just wants to share your warmth.

    9. This lovely muffin who is taking a quick snack break.

    10. This tired munchkin who doesn't want to get up for anything.

    SoloaAndThaWookie/Imgur / Via

    11. This fluffy marshmallow who found the most comfortable spot.

    Enjambed_Caesuras/Reddit / Via

    12. This sleepy floof who can barely keep his eyes open.

    13. This adorable blanket hog who wants to spend the whole weekend in bed.

    14. This button-eyed sweetheart who is just hanging out.

    15. This blissed-out buddy who is just getting into the holiday spirit.

    16. This photogenic cutie who found something even fluffier to lie on.

    17. And finally, this reality TV addict who can't wait to find out who's gonna get a rose.

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