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18 Kitties Who Are Totally In Love With Their Humans

They want your love right meow.

1. Let's get this straight right away: Cats are not rude and aloof.

2. When they love you, they have absolutely no problem showing it.

3. They're perfectly content to spend a lazy morning cuddling while you read the paper.

4. Or to enjoy a nice autumn afternoon outside together.

5. In fact, they can get a little obsessed.

6. You'll find yourself thinking, I wish someone would look at me the way my cat does.

7. Even when they get a little kneady...

8. There's nothing better than a good kitty hug.

9. No matter which part of you they hug.

10. Sure, sometimes their love gets in the way of your work...

11. ...but other times, they actually want to help.

12. Cats just want to be close to the humans they adore.

13. And the idea that they don't know how to show affection is, frankly, ridiculous.

14. This is not the face of a cat who doesn't care.

15. It's the face of a cat who cares about their human SO MUCH.

16. When a cat loves you, they love you forever.

17. And there's really no better feeling.

18. We ❤️ you too, kitties.

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