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    15 Pictures Of Dogs And Cats Being Best Friends That'll Make Your Eyes Leak

    **heart explodes**

    1. These two, who understand the value of a good couch cuddle.

    2. This dog and this cat, who don't mind sharing a single armrest.

    3. These friends who know there's nothing better than a good hug.

    4. This cat, who won't leave the dog's side until he feels better.

    5. These two, who are clearly up to no good.

    6. This extremely photogenic pair.

    7. This dog, who loves to cuddle with his best friend's kittens.

    8. This dog, who knows you can't get up when a cat is resting on you.

    9. These naptime friends.

    10. These two, who love to nap in exactly the same position.

    11. This dog, who doesn't mind being halfway off the chair in order to hang out with her cat buddy.

    12. This dog, who became friends with a gang of stray cats.

    13. This very affectionate pair of friends.

    Did my dog just pet my cat?? And did my cat just hug my dog??

    14. This dog, who made friends with a perfect stranger while out on a walk.

    15. And these great pals, who love to hold each other's tails.

    For more cats and dogs being best buds, check our r/KittyPupperLove!