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    15 Pictures Of Dogs And Cats Being Best Friends That'll Make Your Eyes Leak

    **heart explodes**

    1. These two, who understand the value of a good couch cuddle.

    w/DanWesson / Via

    2. This dog and this cat, who don't mind sharing a single armrest.

    u/shelbobagginses / Via

    3. These friends who know there's nothing better than a good hug.

    u/jstrell21 / Via

    4. This cat, who won't leave the dog's side until he feels better.

    u/pinnietans / Via

    5. These two, who are clearly up to no good.

    r/Nummiehz / Via

    6. This extremely photogenic pair.

    u/ktrstiles / Via

    7. This dog, who loves to cuddle with his best friend's kittens.

    u/Top_Secret_Burger / Via

    8. This dog, who knows you can't get up when a cat is resting on you.

    u/bniose / Via

    9. These naptime friends.

    u/clasully / Via

    10. These two, who love to nap in exactly the same position.

    u/ForlornPilgrim / Via

    11. This dog, who doesn't mind being halfway off the chair in order to hang out with her cat buddy.

    u/Mplskcid / Via

    12. This dog, who became friends with a gang of stray cats.

    u/The-real-one- / Via

    13. This very affectionate pair of friends.

    Did my dog just pet my cat?? And did my cat just hug my dog??

    14. This dog, who made friends with a perfect stranger while out on a walk.

    u/Nussel / Via

    15. And these great pals, who love to hold each other's tails.

    u/vinfox / Via

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