15 Photos Of Cats That Prove Their Bones Are Made Of Spaghetti

    It's hard to know where cats start and where they end.

    1. Cats don't have regular bones like the rest of us. May I present to you exhibit A:

    2. The secret that ~scienticians~ don't want you to know is this: Cats' bones are made of full-on spaghetti.

    3. They're adorable, fuzzy beasts whose insides are pure ramen.

    4. That's the only explanation for why they can bend, twist, and contort in such peculiar ways.

    5. That's why you can't always tell which part of the cat is the front and which is the back.

    6. Where humans have strong, stiff bones, cats just have boiled lasagna noodles that'll move whichever way suits them.

    7. That's why they're more flexible than the world's most experienced yogi.

    8. Cats fall asleep in bowls because that's where noodles are the most comfortable.

    9. But really, their lil' linguini legs can flop over anywhere, at any time.

    10. Basically, before cats are born, their bones are boiled in water for about 10 minutes to get 'em nice and flexible.

    11. If you don't believe me, then explain THIS:

    12. It's the only way for cats to defy the laws of physics like they do.

    13. And you know what? Cats are perfectly fine with their spaghetti bones.

    14. Because no matter how bonkers a position they manage to twist themselves into...

    15. ...these noodle-y cats are just living their best lives.

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