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Beware Of These 19 Dogs: We Warned You

You might not escape with your life.

1. This terrifying hound who has a thirst for blood:

2. This vigilant creature you don't want to cross:

JSambhi / Reddit / Via

3. This vicious animal who is always on the lookout for trespassers:

irony_board / Reddit / Via

4. This relentless devil who will swallow you whole.

ioiseb / Reddit / Via

5. This murderous mutt who will hunt you down:

weepsoverspiltmilk / Imgur / Via

6. This rage-filled monster who will gnaw on your bones:

7. This raging brute who will be the last thing you see before you die:

DxnM / Imgur / Via

8. This intimidating fiend who dares you to go ahead, just try to grab some chips.

9. This horrifying nightmare who invites you come in, at your own risk.

PBinHtown / Imgur / Via

10. This fierce behemoth who dreams of revenge every night.

Nattykins / Imgur / Via

11. This ferocious demon who could smell you coming a mile away.

Rookviees / Imgur / Via

12. This scary animal who has already received some battle scars.

stainlessnick / Imgur / Via

13. This barbarian who has taken down worse foes than you.

14. This enthusiastic guardian who will do whatever it takes to protect her home.

15. This dogged defender who will stand his ground.

16. This furious wolf who is ready to pounce:

17. This savage creation who strikes fear in the hearts of all.

18. These vicious beasts, who won't let you escape with your life.

Golden Retriever / Facebook

19. And finally, the scariest, most dangerous guard dog of them all.

chaniefranco / Imgur / Via

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