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19 Cats And Dogs Who Will Never Part With Their Favorite Toy


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1. This doggo who wants to hug his tiny doppelgänger forever.

madehelstad / Via

2. This excited doggo who gets excited just seeing his favorite toy.

invaderjak / Via

3. This enthusiastic lady, who wants to get as close as possible to her toy.

Marcthebronc / Via

4. This doe-eyed guy, who doesn't need to catch 'em all — just this one.

chippdoll / Via

5. And this beautiful kitten who is also a Pokémon master.

DidYouJustAssumeMyGerder / Via

6. This tiny puppy, who simply can't let it go.

UndaUnda98 / Via

7. This doggo who needs her best friend on long car rides.

zylana / Via

8. This proud pupper who wants to show off his most prized possession.

s4r4hz / Via

9. This exhausted baby who will part with his toy when pigs fly.

AsherGreen / Via

10. This cuddly kitty who knows there's nothing like a good snuggle.

sphinxriddle98 / Via

11. This smiling Corgi who would love to taco 'bout her toy.

mikethedestroyer / Via

12. The fluffy Malamute who think his toy is very malacute.

13. This gorgeous-eyed beauty who likes to match his toys to his decor.

Dubruvnik73 / Via

14. This little guy who think his toy is a real hoot.

kittytokayla / Via

15. This gorgeous gal who needs her blankie in bed.

ImJonathan / Via

16. This little floof who wants all of the doughnut with none of the calories.

andtheywerefriends / Via

17. This wee kitten who needed a nap after an exciting game of cat-and-mouse.

calj13 / Via

18. This sweet girl who had the best photo shoot with the life-sized version of her best friend.

19. And, of course, this thrilled pupper who saw her favorite toy come to life.

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