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    17 Kitty BFFs Who Will Make Your Heart Explode With Happiness

    Best friends fur-ever.

    1. Everyone needs a best friend.

    kizdan / Via

    2. The yin to your yang.

    Sage311 / Via

    3. Someone who will help you when you can't help yourself.

    illsaxophoneyou / Via

    4. Or just hang out and do nothing at all.

    baconistasty / Via

    5. Especially when you both just want a nap.

    fishyfbaby / Via

    6. A true best friend won't complain when you ask to retake that selfie over and over again.

    fuckinlovecats / Via

    7. They'll help you with your nefarious schemes.

    urcatisfade / Via

    8. And will talk with you about anything and everything.

    aricha76 / Via

    9. Or they'll just sit with you and judge anyone who crosses your path.

    10. A friend who will always have your back.

    ceruleanmuse / Via

    11. And will make sure everyone else knows it.

    CaptainToodleButt / Via

    12. Sometimes the similarities between you and your BFF are obvious.

    TDX / Via

    13. And other times, it's not immediately clear.

    kittykitten / Via

    14. But you don't care what anyone else thinks.

    m00nflowers / Via

    15. Because you two know that you'll always be there for one another.

    QuadCronz / Via

    16. And neither of you would have it any other way.

    theactraiser / Via

    17. 😻 😻

    geminired / Via

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