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18 Animals Who Are Fancy AF

Dressed to the ca-nines.

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1. This dog who knows how to recline gracefully.

iggyjoey / Via

2. This kitty who took "put a feather in your cap" literally.

tinyhatsoncats / Via

3. This beautiful hamster who finally found the perfect hat.

tubbytubbies / Via Instagram: @tubbytubbies

4. This feline who is ready for a very fancy feast.

catadastra / Via

5. This little piggy who skipped the market and went straight to Rodeo Drive.

hamlet_the_piggy / Via Instagram: @hamlet_the_piggy

6. This elegant fella who wants to spend the afternoon in the lounge.

Zearth34 / Via

7. This bright-eyed buster who likes to add a little class to the everyday.

exclusivetabby / Via

8. This chic canine who is dressed to be seen.

JohnGeorgeRingoPaul / Via

9. This sweet lady who is totally ruff-ined.

musingsofmia / Via Instagram: @musingsofmia

10. This happy princess who wants to be treated like royalty.

maverick_poser / Via Instagram: @maverick_poser

11. This stately gentleman who knows a little accessory can make a big statement.

ConfusedWisdom / Via

12. This gorgeous party girl who is the belle of the ball.

cococouturecat / Via

13. This tiny fashionista who knows how to colour coordinate.

pinkmemicristal.pom / Via

14. This handsome guy who knows to obey when the invitation says "black tie."

chubbiichii / Via

15. This dignified doggo who knows that when you look good, you feel good.


16. This lovely lass who can accessorize better than you.

Instagram: @trotterpup

17. This sweet little bun who found the perfect hare accessory.

whiskeyismyname / Via Instagram: @whiskeyismyname

18. And this fashionable lady who woke up like this.

pussinglam / Via Instagram: @pussinglam

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