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    21 Photos That Prove That Yes, Cats Are Cute, But They're Also Giant Weirdos

    Is my cat defective?

    1. Cats are great. We all know this. But, like, they're also super, super weird.

    2. One minute, they're totally normal. The next, they're standing like a human.

    3. Or crouching like a human, which is even more off-putting.

    4. They find the strangest places to relax.

    5. You know, just chillin' on the shower taps, NBD.

    6. They spend a lot of time and effort achieving peculiar things.

    7. What is this one even doing???

    8. Cats definitely have an inflated sense of ego about themselves.

    9. They fall asleep in the weirdest places.

    10. Seriously, the weirdest.

    11. And in any position, too.

    12. Doesn't matter where they are; it's just time for snoozes.

    13. They can give you a heart attack by doing literally nothing.

    14. They hate water but love the shower.

    15. And sometimes they don't hate water. PICK A SIDE, CATS.

    16. When you catch them being total weirdos, they look at you like you're the one intruding.

    17. Sometimes you wonder if your cat is defective.

    18. And you question if even they know what they're doing.

    19. What's going on in those cute little brains of theirs?

    20. But despite how weird they are, sometimes you wish you could see the world through your cat's eyes.

    21. Although on second thought, maybe we're better off not knowing.