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    17 Senior Dogs Who Are Gonna Make You Want To Adopt A Senior Dog

    Senior dogs need love, too.

    1. First off, senior dogs can be just as adorable as any puppy.

    2. And their snoots are just as boopable.

    3. They're even more grateful for your love, because they know what the alternative is.

    4. They don't mind the snow, because now it blends into their fur.

    5. And even with a little salt and pepper in their fur, senior dogs can still take one heck of a portrait.

    6. Their faces now display their years of kindness, wisdom, and love.

    7. They still love the outdoors, even if they may just want to relax out there.

    8. But some senior dogs still have a great sense of adventure, and they want to share it with you.

    9. In fact, they may love adventure even more than you do.

    10. They're always up for a nice autumn photo shoot.

    11. And they'll follow you anywhere... even into the bathroom.

    12. And they're not too old to sit still in exchange for the occasional treat.

    13. They still want to play, and are so excited they get to do it with you.

    14. Because you're the ones making their twilight years as happy as possible.

    15. So even if your senior dog has slowed down in their old age...

    16. ...They're still capable of great love, and so willing to accept yours.

    17. And just think how happy your senior dog will be when you bring him home from the shelter.

    Ready to add a furry friend to your family? There are LOTS of senior dogs in need of loving homes on Petfinder or Adopt a Pet!