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    Updated on Aug 8, 2019. Posted on Jul 29, 2018

    23 Tweets That'll Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart And Might Make You Cry

    Who's cutting all these onions???

    1. The ice cream employee who made a new friend:

    2. The child who refused to leave his dad alone:

    3. When author John Green gave his son a bath:

    4. The man who paid for the "stranger" behind him:

    5. The guy who discovered women's big secret:

    6. The dog who wanted to help his owner:

    7. The rice farmer who has the right perspective on life:

    Mae Bua Chaicheun is a rice farmer. Her rice paddies were destroyed by the 130million liters of water pumped from the cave in the rescue mission. Her response:”Children are more important than rice. We can regrow rice but we can’t regrow the children.” #caverescue #ThaiCaveRescue

    8. The mom who didn't mind being embarrassed if it meant helping her daughter:

    9. The golf player whose words of praise made a woman's day:

    10. The man who made a great Craiglist find:


    11. The nephew who took a threat and turned it into an opportunity:

    12. The fans who lifted this man up with no hesitation:

    Mexican and Colombian fans lift up an Egyptian fan in a wheelchair so he can watch his team in the #WorldCup . Gotta love this

    13. The best friends who weren't afraid to show their feelings:

    14. The dogs who "ruined" this official NASA picture (just kidding, they made it SO MUCH BETTER!):

    If you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious today, remember that this is Leland Melvin's official NASA picture.

    15. The woman who witnessed this public proposal:

    16. The teacher who went the extra mile to help his students succeed:

    17. The neighbor who didn't hesitate to help a stranger:

    18. This dog who had never seen snow before:

    What happens when your dog experiences snow for the first time ever

    19. The dad who came up with the perfect anniversary present:

    20. The new couple who unwittingly texted the same person about their feelings for each other:

    they're talking about each other im gonna melt

    21. This restaurant that provides menus in braille:

    22. The dog who did her best to cheer up her owner:

    23. And the grandfather who was so, so excited to spend time with his grandchild:


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