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    23 Tweets That'll Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart And Might Make You Cry

    Who's cutting all these onions???

    1. The ice cream employee who made a new friend:

    2. The child who refused to leave his dad alone:

    3. When author John Green gave his son a bath:

    4. The man who paid for the "stranger" behind him:

    5. The guy who discovered women's big secret:

    6. The dog who wanted to help his owner:

    7. The rice farmer who has the right perspective on life:

    Mae Bua Chaicheun is a rice farmer. Her rice paddies were destroyed by the 130million liters of water pumped from the cave in the rescue mission. Her response:”Children are more important than rice. We can regrow rice but we can’t regrow the children.” #caverescue #ThaiCaveRescue

    8. The mom who didn't mind being embarrassed if it meant helping her daughter:

    9. The golf player whose words of praise made a woman's day:

    10. The man who made a great Craiglist find:


    11. The nephew who took a threat and turned it into an opportunity:

    12. The fans who lifted this man up with no hesitation:

    Mexican and Colombian fans lift up an Egyptian fan in a wheelchair so he can watch his team in the #WorldCup . Gotta love this

    13. The best friends who weren't afraid to show their feelings:

    14. The dogs who "ruined" this official NASA picture (just kidding, they made it SO MUCH BETTER!):

    If you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious today, remember that this is Leland Melvin's official NASA picture.

    15. The woman who witnessed this public proposal:

    16. The teacher who went the extra mile to help his students succeed:

    17. The neighbor who didn't hesitate to help a stranger:

    18. This dog who had never seen snow before:

    What happens when your dog experiences snow for the first time ever

    19. The dad who came up with the perfect anniversary present:

    20. The new couple who unwittingly texted the same person about their feelings for each other:

    they're talking about each other im gonna melt

    21. This restaurant that provides menus in braille:

    22. The dog who did her best to cheer up her owner:

    23. And the grandfather who was so, so excited to spend time with his grandchild:


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