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21 Photos Of Cats Sneezing That Will Make You Laugh

Gesundheit, kitties.

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1. This kitty who looks like he's trying REALLY hard to see the end of his nose.

Sunbeams14 / Via

2. This fella whose sneeze face looks like he's summoning demons.

McHowlington-III / Via

3. This chill guy who looks like he's saying "duhhhhh."

threadcetera / Via

4. This smiley cat who looks like she's saying "cheese!"

nostraTomus / Via

5. This kitty who looks like she just heard the world's funniest joke.

prepareforcatpictures / Via

6. And this mini tiger who looks like he's just pretending to laugh at your terrible jokes.

Njfemale / Via

7. This feline who seems to be vibrating through time.

DrunkAzSkunk / Via

8. This floof who looks like he just heard devastating news from the other cat.

KingLeo718 / Via

9. This gray beauty who looks like she had a little too much catnip.

10. This kitty who looks like she just tasted something disgusting.

11. This little lion who looks like he's trying to make the perfect roar.

tim_the_kotik / Via

12. This kitten who looks like she's trying to hit the high notes in an Adele song.

chunk337 / Via

13. This munchkin who looks like someone he hates just entered the room.

Guz2 / Via

14. This tabby who looks like he just remembered he has TPS reports to complete.

nullelement / Via

15. This cat who just looks like she's sneering at you.

goose0117 / Via

16. This feline who looks like he forgot what he was saying in the middle of a story.


17. This fluff who seems to be doing an impression of a turtle stuck on its back.

jsmxrf / Via

18. This cat who looks like he's warning you that the end is nigh.

19. This dude who just looks like he hates the sun.

jtg49wgx / Via

20. This kitten who looks like she's trying to flirt with you.

21. And finally, this floof who looks like he's pressing his face against some glass.