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    It's Been A Really Hard Week, So Look At These 17 Photos Of Puppies

    This will help, at least a little.

    1. Look: This has been a difficult week. But maybe this puppy will help.

    2. Just take a minute to yourself to look at this puppy having a heck of a good time in the grass.

    3. Or how about this gorgeous girl enjoying her first trip to the farmers market?

    4. This smol boi can fit in the palm of your hand.

    5. And this one is just really happy to see you!

    6. It might only help for a second, but this sweet spotted gal is here to make you feel better.

    7. Or this tiny little boy with a sandy face!

    8. And this wee wrinkled baby!!

    9. Sometimes all you need is a tiny leaf (to eat).

    10. Perhaps you'd do better with TWO smiling puppies?

    11. Or a teensy puppy in a sweater! That's the ticket!

    12. This teensy floof will give you at least a little bit of a dopamine hit.

    13. Pit bull puppies are incredibly sweet and are sure to brighten your day.

    14. This puppy has brought you a toy!

    15. This puppy is giving a wild howl of happiness, just for you.

    16. Seriously, just look at this face and try not to make a joyful noise. It's an exercise in futility.

    17. You can't always stop bad news from happening. But you can always depend on the happy faces of puppies to help just a little bit.