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    10 Ways To Save The Day And Look Cute Doing It

    These brands have mastered the art of ethical fashion.

    1. Fortress Of Inca

    Superpower: Providing handmade shoes by Peruvian artisans paid fair wages

    Signature Style: You should probably hashtag boho chic

    2. Samantha Pleet

    Superpower: Made with organic fabrics by workers paid fair wages in India

    Signature Style: Darling in a dollhouse

    3. Esperos

    Superpower: Each bag sold contributes $10 towards a child's education

    Signature Style: Intellect is the new black

    4. Raven & Lily

    Superpower: Made for women, by women, breaking the cycle of poverty with fair wages

    Signature Style: Feminist & Fabulous

    5. Diamonds Are Evil

    Superpower: Intricate jewelry from sustainably harvested Canadian Birch wood

    Signature Style: Sparkles aren't the only way to shine

    6. Choolips

    Superpower: Fair-traded and handcrafted textiles

    Signature Style: Sustain-a-scarf

    7. Angela & Roi

    Superpower: Shopping by color = donating to the coordinating cause

    Signature Style: Minimalist vegan

    8. Litke

    Superpower: Sustainable garments made in the USA

    Signature Style: Picnicking in patterns

    9. Mitscoots Socks

    Superpower: Giving socks and work to those in need

    Signature Style: Solemates

    10. Thought Collective

    Superpower: Made by artisans previously put out of work, now paid fair wages

    Signature Style: Free spirit on fleek

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