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What's The Worst Thing Your Dog Has Ever Done?

Mischief only partially managed.

Dogs are our best buddies — until they get into some trouble.

Maybe they've mistaken your plants for the perfect place to bury a bone time capsule and broke a sewage pipe.

James / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: luzmymind1

Or maybe they've had an accidental stunt, like getting the zoomies on a slippery floor and breaking your big screen.

They might have disemboweled their new bed or fancy toy — or mistook your wedding dress for territory that needed marking.

Danny Plas / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 46867860@N05

Or maybe they ate a jar of Vaseline and just had unscoopable poops for days on end.

We've all suffered some sort of loss, so tell us the worst thing your dog has ever done in the comments below!

shoehorn99 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kateanth

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