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    Posted on Jul 2, 2014

    Behold The Best Wedding Web Site Ever

    Warning: The site has the potential to trigger Geocities flashbacks. Viewer discretion advised.

    Ksenia Semenova, an account manager, and Brian McAllister, a video and motion graphics artist, of Hoffman Estates, Ill. are getting married.

    Ksenia Semenova and Brian McAllister
    Ksenia Semenova and Brian McAllister

    And have created the best wedding site yet.

    Ksenia Semenova and Brian McAllister / Via

    With a nod to the ghosts of internet past, like Geocities and Xanga.

    Guests are encouraged to party hard.

    And bring gifts, like this jetpack.

    Martin Jetpack / Via

    Happy wedding, you two!

    Check out their amazing site with the best URL at (Be sure to have your sound on.)

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